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Mix and Match Images

Bringing photo memories together is the goal we had in mind when we created cShot. cShot is the best collage maker and editor app by Mafooly. With 100+ layouts and a grid to choose, your photos can now have new meanings when inside one stunning collage canvas. Perfectly customizable layouts and simple editing tools to enhance collage are just some of the many reasons to choose cShot as the best collage maker app.

Who We Are?

cShot is just one of the many amazing apps we have in Mafooly. We are composed of CEO and app developers and digital marketers that strive to create, design, and develop the best apps for mobile users. Our company, Gamma Web Limited, was established on August 7, 2007, and is located in New Zealand. Under Mafooly apps, we currently have 24 apps that you can use in different ways. We developed educational apps, entertaining apps, and editing apps such as cShot.

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