Edit: Apply Color Splash To Your Collage


EDIT: Apply Color Splash To Your Collage

When you apply color splash to your collage, you can create dramatic photos by drawing your audience’s attention to the colored image against the black and white background. How do you apply color splash to your collage using the cShot app?

How do you apply color splash to your collage? Adding color splash to a photo collage is not rocket science. Photo-editing apps like the cShot Collage Maker Pro app offer tools that let you edit photos and improve collage. You can also share it on your social media accounts, through email, or just copy on your clipboard. Your choice.

Now, what do you need to keep in mind in creating that dramatic color-splashed photo collage? 

Apply Color Splash to Your Collage to Create Drama

We all want to capture the memorable events of our life with pictures. And who doesn’t want to put a little drama on some of those photos to make it Instagram-worthy? cShot Collage Maker Pro has over a hundred styles and layouts to choose from to bring your photo collage into life! How to use it?

1. Get Your Own cShot Collage Maker Pro App

Get-Your-Own -Shot-Collage-Maker-Pro-App
Once you’ve launched the app, you will see this.

If you haven’t downloaded one, click here to get your own cShot Collage Maker Pro app. Once done, launch the app and you will see this.

2. Choose the Photos You Want to Collage

Now, you have the option of either “Take A Picture” or “Choose from Library.”

If you click “Take A Picture,” the app will go to camera mode and you can take pictures right away.

If you click “Choose from Library,” the app will redirect to your photo album and you can choose 2-10 pictures to use for photo collage.

Once you’ve picked your pictures, you can choose which layout, border, background, or canvas to use. 

Once you’ve picked your pictures, you can choose which layout, border, background, or canvas to use.

3. Start to Apply Color Splash to Your Collage

Click on the fourth icon, “Splash”, and start editing your photo collage.

Now that your photo collage is created, you will see edit options under your picture. Click on the fourth icon, “Splash”, and start editing your photo collage. 

Your photo collage will now turn black and white. Under your photo, you can change the marker size to your preference. Mark the part of your photo collage you want to apply color splash. 

If you ever change your mind, you can click the round button beside the marker size adjuster to turn it to an eraser. This way, you can simply erase the color splash you applied instead of going back to square one. 

4. Save and Share Your Color-Splashed Photo Collage

Once you’re done and happy with your masterpiece, you can either save it on a JPG or a PNG format.

But you wouldn’t want to keep your work of art to yourself, right? While using the cShot app, you can share your photo collage to your social media account, send through your email or simply copy on your clipboard.

You can either save your collage on a JPG or a PNG format and share on your social media accounts.


Color splash effect is when you turn your photos into black-and-white and retain some vivid colors on certain parts of your photo to create a drama. This has to be done the right way, though, to nail that picturesque masterpiece. 

Here are some tips and tricks to nail the color splash effect for your photo collage!

1. Choose the Right Photos

While the color splash effect can surely bring out the best aspects of your image, this won’t work well on all of your photos. While there are no wrong photos for the color splash effect, some pictures are better than the other.

For example, pick a picture with lots of vibrant colors across the entire photo and make sure the part of the photo you will apply color splash takes up a large percentage of the photo. Also, if you choose a too small subject from the photo, the effect won’t look good either.

2. Be Spontaneous

Now, this might seem to contradict our first tip but hear us out. It’s true that you must be mindful of the subject you will apply color splash. But since you can erase the effect in just one stroke, why not be spontaneous and experiment?

Maybe you are eyeing this particular subject, but why not switch up to something from the background? Why not apply color splash to random parts of your photo collage? Who knows? A surprise gem is yet to be found.

Why not apply color splash to random parts of your photo collage?

3. Make It Subtle

The first thing that will come to mind when doing the color splash effect is to go vibrant and bold. But, do you know that it can also be soft and subtle? You might be surprised that using light shades can yield gorgeous results.

To do this, why not choose a photo with a bright background and focus on a subject with faint colors but still has shades you can highlight? There’s no harm in trying. (wink)

4. Use Your Mind’s Eye

When you do photo editing, your mind may seem like it’s getting a serious workout. While cShot Collage Maker Pro does make editing your photo fast and easy, you wouldn’t want to test every single idea. That would be so exhausting.

So before you apply color splash to your photo collage, spend some time just looking at the photo and imagining how you want the finished image to look. While happy accidents from spontaneity happen, sometimes having a plan in mind is a dependable approach. Try to be adventurous without losing your focus.

Try to be adventurous without losing your focus.

5. Do A Clean Finish

What makes the color splash effect so fascinating is the sharpness of the edit resulting from its clean finish. Be sure to never leave out any residual amounts of colors where they don’t belong. Good thing, cleaning up any leftover colors on your photo collage is a breeze. Just click on the eraser just beside the marker size adjuster, delete the unwanted colors and you’re good to go!

Why Apply Color Splash Effect On Your Photo Collage

The color splash effect highlights a particular part of your photos and draws people’s attention to the details you want them to notice. For example, many advertisers use this effect in creative ways to draw the potential customer’s eye to the most colorful or most “alive” thing in the image. 

It’s true that the color splash effect can create a special focus on the subject you choose. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it all the time. The cShot Collage Maker Pro’s color splash feature is an incredible tool that brings flair, style, and excitement to a picture. But what makes this effect special is that it is only meant for certain occasions and fairly specific moments. 

This may sound vague now, but as you get to know the tool better and get to practice using it more, you will be able to apply color splash to the right photo collages like a Pro! 

Related Questions

Why can’t I save my collage?

You’ll need to allow cShot to have access to your photos in order to import your photos for editing or to save edited pictures to your photo gallery. Sometimes this setting is disabled when the app asks permission to access your gallery. To allow permission to access the photo gallery, go to settings and look for cShot. Click the okay icon to allow access to the photo gallery.

Why is the app crashing when I’m exporting my collage?

If you are facing issues while exporting your collage, you can restart your device to clear the memory/cache. You should be able to import your collage easily without any errors.

What platforms and devices are supported by the cShot app?

cShot supports any iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 10 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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