Thinking of adding background to your collage? Not all of us dares to use a background in collages and just stick to the conventional way. Now is the time to change your mind. How about adding a unique background to your collage? Trying to be creative does not cost you anything but it gives a sense of uniqueness to your photo.

Adding a beautiful background to your collage makes your main image or object to pop-out making it more visible. cShot collage maker is an all-in-one app that beautifies a simple collage to an extraordinary photo. Try cShot collage maker and be amazed by the tools you can use to beautify your collage.

Bakground: Why Use it?

The background is the bottom-most layer in every photo. It creates a backdrop and permeates the atmosphere of one’s photo. A good background allows the main object or image to stand-out and utilizing a background in your collage does the same trick.

A background sometimes functions as:

  • Glamorize one’s photo and add uniqueness 
  • Establishes a link between photo itself.

Importance of Utilizing a background

Using a background in your collage makes a big impact on the photo and is very important. The background is important because it creates a rapport between the image of a photo or collage. 

These are some of its importance:

  • Supplements and Contemplates the photo
  • Good balance and does not overpower the main image
  • Highlight the main object in the photo

Step-by-step Guide of Adding Background in cShot collage maker

If you don’t have a cShot collage maker by Mafooly, now is the time that you should download it from the Apple App Store. Just open your Apple App store and search for Collage maker by Mafooly. Cshot collage maker is free to download apps that you can use to create fantastic collage photos.

Download and Install cShot Collage Maker

  • Search cShot Collage Maker in the App Store. 
  • Download and Install cShot from App Store.

Launch cShot Collage Maker

  • Open the cShot Collage Maker app.
  • In the homepage platform of the app, you’ll see the header “Create Beautiful Collages.”
  • Below this, you have two options to start creating a collage.
  • The first is to “Take a Picture,” and the second one is “Choose from Library.”
  • If you have photos in your library that you want to use for your collage, simply tap “Choose from Library.”

Select Photos for Collage

  • After tapping “Choose from Library,” you will be directed to the cShot “Collages” platform.
  • In here, you have five different tools for collage making – the “Gallery,” “Layout,” “Border,” “Background”,  and “Canvas.”

Choose Collage Backgound

  • To change Layout for collage, tap the “Background” tool at the bottom part of the “Collages” platform. 
  • Here you can choose the background you want to use. 
  • You can change the color or choose a background in your gallery to be used in your collage.
  • When your done editing you can now click on “Next”

Save and Share

  • After editing the collage, click “Done,” and you can now save your creation as a JPG or PNG picture format. 
  • Then share your beautiful collage to different social media sites., You can also download it or email and even add to clipboard.

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