Change collage canvas by using cShot collage maker app. Learn the step-by-step guide in changing canvas using cShot, an amazing collage maker app!

Have you tried posting a photo on social media or other platforms that utilizes to upload a picture? Then you probably encountered technical difficulties in uploading and too much cropping in your photo. This is one of the common trouble that we run into. Fear no more there is an app that can help us with these kinds of problems. 

Introducing, cShot collage maker by Mafooly. Cshot collage maker helps up with these kinds of scenario also it is an app where we can make beautiful collages. In canvassing our collage we can easily do it with the help of Cshot collage maker “Canvas Tool”. This Canvas tool can aid us in the correct photo ratio of each social media site and other platforms.

Learning about Canvas or Aspect Ratio

Canvas is the aspect ratio in the visual world. This is a proportional ratio of width and height of a photographic surface. This canvas differs from each other depending on the layout needed or required on the said platform. 

Knowing this kind of stuff can enlighten you especially if your job belongs to the technological side, internet craze,  and social media management. This blog is a basic know-how to improve and give you a proper understanding of digital photo canvas. Cshot collage maker can be one of your learning platforms in these kinds of stuff. 

Why Change Collage Canvas?

  1. Duplicating an image to either a larger or smaller size makes the picture stretched or compressed making it unpleasant and unappealing. Knowing the precise measurement of the picture canvas makes it alluring.
  2. Detail and sharpness of a collage. In the detail of a picture, we talk about its pixel size and clarity of a collage. The sharpness of an image makes it visible and free from blur.
  3. Screen differentiation. The collage that we see online differs from one screen used to another. That’s why using the proper size format enables the proper visibility of a collage.

Change Collage Canvas – Different Ratios

These are some of the canvas sizes that are always used in social media and media platforms. These sizes will help you in editing, creating, and uploading collage or photos. Cshot collage maker uses this canvas format for easy usage and uploading to any sites. 

  • 1.91:1 Ratio: Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter link shares and Instagram and Twitter photo post
  • 16:9 Ratio: Twitter and Facebook photos, Facebook cover photos, Youtube channel art, and Youtube video thumbnails
  • 1:1 Ratio Instagram and facebook photos, Pinterest Pins, All profile picture, and Youtube channel icon
  • 4:5 Ratio: Instagram posts and Pinterest pins
  • 2:3 Ratio: Pinterest pins
  • 9:16 Ratio: facebook and Instagram story images, snapchat, and Pinterest pins
  • 1:2.1 Ratio: Pinterest pins

Step by step use of Cshot collage maker Canvas tool

Download and Install

  • Search on Cshot collage maker by Mafooly in the Apple app store and “Click on Download”. Cshot collage maker by Mafooly is a Free app and has a wide range of tools in collage making also editing. Download now and enjoy the perks of its amazing tools.
  • Install the Cshot collage maker

Download cShot from App Store.

Launch the App

  • Launch the app and click on “ Create beautiful Collage”
  • Choose from “take a photo” or “Choose from library” 

Change Collage Canvas 

  • Choose from the wide range of ratios to be used in your collage for social media uploading.

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