How Do You Make Your Instagram Photos Look Good?

How do you make your Instagram photos look good?

As you may have guessed, if you want to make your Instagram photos look good, you need to pay close attention to the details. If you’re taking photos with your smartphone, you can make sure that the light is good by framing your subject properly and avoiding direct sunlight. Try to avoid editing your photos after taking them, as this can make your photos look more artificially made.

Use the right filters.

It’s no coincidence that the filters on Instagram were created by Instagram engineers. The filters can make almost any photo look great, but if you’re looking to post photos that really stand out, consider the filters that have a vintage or retro feel. If you’re trying to show off your food and want it to look appetizing, filters with high contrast can make your food pop.

Edit your photos.

If you want to use Instagram to promote your business or your brand, you need to pay close attention to the quality of your photos. Fortunately, the app is easy to use, and you can edit your photos by tapping the camera button. Once you take a photo, you can edit it by tapping the screen and dragging the photo to move it around. You can also tap the screen and use the brush or lasso tool to quickly select an area of the photo. When you’re done editing, press the crop button to resize the photo while keeping the aspect ratio the same.

Use a grid layout.

If you want to post images that look great on Instagram, then you need to use a grid layout. A grid layout works well for any photo, whether it’s a landscape, a closeup, or a group shot. When you use a grid, you can decide how many columns and rows you want to use. Depending on the width of your images, you can choose how many to fit into each grid unit.

Turn off the grid.

The grid is great for framing your photos for Instagram but it can make your images look a little flat and uninteresting. To get around this, turn off the grid when you’re editing your photos. If you’re using an iPhone, go to your editing app and tap your photo. Once it loads, tap the grid icon that appears in the top right corner. This will remove the grid from your photo.

Add a watermark.

If you don’t want your Instagram photos to look amateur, then adding a watermark is a great way to make your photos look more professional. A watermark is a design or logo that appears on your photos, usually in the bottom right corner. It conveys to the viewer that the photo was taken by you and gives the impression that you take your photos seriously.

Add a call-to-action.

If you want to take Instagram photos that your followers will love, start by editing them in the app before you post. You can crop and resize your images, add filters, and enhance color. You can also use the advanced editing tools to sharpen the photo and adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation.

Use a light color.

You can also play around with different light sources. For example, use a flash as a light source or use a small lamp or light bulb to add a bit of color to your images. You can also use a small lamp over your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity. These light sources can add a nice glow and make your photos look more professional.


While you can take high-quality photos with your phone, they don’t always turn out great. You can fix them in editing software, however, to make them brighter, clearer, and more vibrant. Start by making sure your lighting is even and neutral. When your subject is lit from the side, it will appear flat. To fix this, use a flash or turn on the room lights behind your subject. If you don’t have a flash, use a small light source like a phone to brighten up your subject.

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